Registration of student councils

In accordance with § 20 (8) of the student body statutes, student councils are registered with the StuPa presidium. Currently, the presidium of the assembly of student councils processes the registrations in consultation with the StuPa presidium.

The following things are necessary for this:

Präsidium der Versammlung der Fachschaften
Universität Potsdam
Am Neuen Palais 10, House 6
14469 Potsdam

Information on the annexes:

  • The electoral protocol must show that the election was conducted in accordance with the statutes of the student body and the statutes of the student body and in accordance with the principles of direct, free, equal and secret elections. It must also contain information on who was elected, when and where (including the date of the election announcement) and how the votes were distributed. It must be signed by an independent election official who did not stand for election.
  • If there have been changes in the statutes of the student union since the last registration, it must be attached with a list of changes.
  • If there are election regulations of the student union and there have been changes since the last registration, these must be attached with a list of changes.

The receipt of the registration documents will be confirmed by e-mail and you will be contacted if there are any questions. If there are any ambiguities regarding the registration, the Presidium will be happy to help.

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