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Dates of the StuPa sessions

The StuPa is your substitute! Its members advise you on important matters that also determine your everyday life at university (see “Work and Applications”). Therefore the meetings are always public. We are pleased about your visit. Guests also have the right to speak and make applications!
On this page the meeting dates for the upcoming StuPa meetings are announced.

Place of the meeting
Meetings are held in turns at the New Palace, Griebnitzsee, and Golm.

Start of the sessions
As a rule, the sessions begin at 19:00 and are scheduled to end at 23:00 at the latest.

Meeting-Data for the 07.09.2021:
Meeting-ID: 623 2304 5468 Kenncode: 12941527

Dates for upcoming sessions

Date Time Place
September 23rd 2021 7 pm House 6, H05, Campus Griebnitzsee
19th of October 2021 7 PM Neues Palais
November 9th 2021 7 PM 3.06.H05
November 30th 2021 7 PM Golm
January 4th 2022 7 PM Neues Palais
January 25th 2022 7 PM Griebnitzsee
February 15th 2022 7 PM Golm
-Vorlesungsfreier Zeitraum-
March 22nd 2022 (KuZe-Session) 7 PM Neues Palais
April 19th 2022 7 PM Griebnitzsee
May 10th 2022 7 PM Golm
May 31st 2022 7 PM Neues Palais

Proposed agenda for the next meeting

The meeting folder is uploaded on the day of each meeting and linked under Minutes.

For this meeting §6 (4) of the statutes of the student body applies.

1. Greeting and confirmation of quorum
2. Confirmation of agenda and protocol
3. Reports
3.1. StuPa-Presidium
3.2. AStA
3.3. VeFa
3.4. Further reports
4. Guests
5. Elections
5.1 AStA-elections
6. Semester-tickets
7. Applications
7.1. Application for a change in the rues of procedure of the Student Parliament
7.2. Reimbursements to the 25th AStA
7.3. Reimbursements to several student commissions
7.4. Application for the funding of 15 spots at the career fair uniContact for non-profit organizations
7.5. Application for the retreat of the 25th AStA 8. Initiative applications
9. Other matters

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